A Perfect Start to the New Year

Everyone knows summer is wedding season.  For oh so many reasons.  And who can object?  I for one do not like the cold and have always thought I would prefer to hibernate from January through April and emerge May 1st rested, warm, and ready for the sunshine.  Recently, though, I have begun to realize winter may have some redeeming qualities.

Emily & Oriol obviously realized before me, what better way to start off the New Year than by getting married?

There’s the coziness,cake by Sweet Heather Annethe splendor,Cake by Sweet Heather Annethe fun,Inn at St. John'sand the magic.Wedding at the Inn at St. John'sTheir wedding celebrated all winter has to offer in one beautiful evening with one gorgeous cake by Sweet Heather Anne and the help of JLB Photography, the Inn at St. John’s, and Emerald City Design.

Puppies & Thrones=Wedding Fun

Laura & Steve got married at Earhart Manor, which is part of Concordia University here in Ann Arbor. Their wedding was filled with fun and personal touches.

Cakes by Sweet Heather AnneWe happened to deliver the cake while they were taking this photo with their dogs.  We may have gotten in the way just a little, but we couldn’t stop oohing and aahing at how cute Laura & Steve were with their pups.

Cake by Sweet Heather AnneI love this post with ceremony seating instructions!

Cake by Sweet Heather AnneThose are our macarons sitting pretty by the menu card.

wedding favorsThese are the best bride and groom chairs (perhaps thrones!) that I have ever seen.  And they are even more beautiful in person.  Laura & Steve actually own them, which in my mind makes them even more fun and personal.

Wedding Cakes by Sweet Heather Anne

Wedding Cake by Sweet Heather AnneLaura was very specific about her cake: she wanted it to look just like the iconic white bloom Sweet & Saucy cake.  And that is precisely what she got.

Earhart ManorMany congratulations to Laura & Steve, your wedding was beautiful. And many thanks to Two Foot Creative for coordinating and JLB Photography for the gorgeous images.