Top of the Cake

So long, bride and groom. These typical toppers that graced the cakes have been replaced with unique thoughtful ways of addressing this space on the cake.Β  The sentiment of union and love are still there, just reinterpreted.

Sometimes this means gorgeous flowers cascading down the top. Other times little talismans ( like a recent wedding, where the groom so shaky and excited placed very meaningful beautiful stones a top the cake surrounded by hearts. SWOON!) Sometimes it takes the form of adorable animals representing the couple ( one of our wedding’s this year had a polar bear and a panda bear, with some amazing spectacles, holding hands.)

But other times it means very lovely custom logo toppers. Some of my favorite this year has been when the couple has a logo/seal that is then translated into a stunning topper that we have proudly made.

Brianne and Andrew had an amazing wedding ( many credits to the talented Alison at Viva La Diva.) Brianne is also quite the decorator ( as we found out in a cookie class – she kinda blew everyone away!) Alisa Bobzien was commissioned to make this incredible coat of arms to represent their union. It was quite magnificent. What was even better was that we got to replicate it for the top of the cake.

Pictures by Jess + Nate Studios.

their logo jess + nate

top of the cake jess + nate

Annette and Jordan had a stunning out door wedding. And just so happens, they are talented graphic designers and so much fun to work with. They created their own custom logo, that was simple, unique and oh yeah ADORABLE. We got to transform this one into a topper as well.

Pictures byΒ  JLB Photography

082413_195 - Version 2

082413_200 - Version 2