Rebecca & Scott: A Perfectly Curated Wedding

Is being a bride really the stuff dreams are made of?  With the deluge of information available (bridal magazines, blogs, web sites and now pinterest) a bride could easily spend every day, all day of her engagement researching, DIYing, and generally driving herself (and probably loved ones) crazy.  And the result can look like your pinterest board threw up on your wedding: an amalgamation of every great idea all crammed into one day.

The key is to curate all those likes, loves, and pins.  And that my friend, can be much easier said than done.  Rebecca & Scott’s wedding at Cliff Bell’s is a testament to the power of editing.  Creative, fun, and cohesive to boot–it was a gorgeous event. I am loving the rich colors brightened with gold, and how even the smallest details, like the menu and cupcake wrappers look so at home in Cliff Bell’s.

Sweet Heather Anne, a boutique cake studioDessert made by Sweet Heather Anne: a boutique cake studioSweet Heather Anne: a boutique cake studioSweet Heather Anne: a boutique cake studio

One last photo, because it says so much about Rebecca & Scott.  What a fun and lovely couple.

Sweet Heather Anne: a boutique cake studio

Much credit goes to Alison at Viva La Diva Events for her focused (& gorgeous) event design, Sibling Design for their handcrafted graphic design, and Amanda VanVels for her exceptional photography.

Wedding Love

I just saw these photos for the first time yesterday and am so excited to share.  They are from one of our favorite classically elegant weddings of the summer.  The cake is indicative of the entire event:  traditional but updated, with flawless details.  I personally love the subtle color variation of the roses–they’re stunning, really.

Sweet Heather Anne a boutique cake studio

The cake wasn’t the only thing sweet at this wedding.  The couple lives in Texas, and the groom is a lawyer.  He has a very special pair of boots that he wears to court, Lucchese black cherry boots.  We re-created his “Boots of Justice” in cake.  Notice the stitching and fine detailing, and hard wood floor on which the boot rests.  All the details are there.Sweet Heather Anne: a boutique cake studioNot to be forgotten …alternating cookie favors decorating each place setting.  The bride, from Canada, wanted a Candian maple leaf cookie.  And the couple currently lives in Texas, so a Texas-shaped cookie with a heart at their city was a must.   These adorable and oh-so-personal touches are what made this wedding THEIR wedding.  And that is what we’re working so hard to make happen.

Sweet Heather Anne a boutique cake studio

Much credit is due to Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events for her flawless design work and Amy Carroll of Amy Carroll Photography for capturing it all on film.

Go Blue! Sweet Treats

Michigan Football is so much a part of fall in Ann Arbor: there’s the traffic (I’m looking at the standstill on Main street right now), the long restaurant lines, but more importantly there’s Michigan pride. This being our first fall at 920 N Main Street, we are so excited to be a part of the Ann Arbor community and the Michigan spirit that consumes downtown.  We just couldn’t resist celebrating Michigan pride Sweet Heather Anne style.

Metro Detroit Cakes and Desserts, University of Michigan desserts

Every home game our dessert counter features Michigan-themed treats including: maize and blue french macarons, mini cupcakes with maize and blue confetti, Michigan football cookies, and Marzipops.

Any of these items are also available for pre-order, as are the Michigan fondant cake pictured above and the sculpted helmet cake below.  All perfect for your tailgate or other University of Michigan-themed event.  Contact us for more information.

Michigan Helmet Cake

Special thanks to Abby Rose Photo for capturing the football helmet cake in all its glory.

Simply Stunning Buttercream Cakes

Anyone who runs a small business, or works at one, knows how much work it is to deliver your product and stay on top of marketing, social media and all those other things that are so important and so easy to put off.  The list is always longer than there are hours in a day.

We have been so fortunate that our business has grown quickly.  In the past year we have moved to a new retail location, doubled our number of weddings, and experienced an influx of walk-in traffic and general interest.  The term growing pains wasn’t coined for nothing.  It has been a joyful challenge to ensure that the quality of the Sweet Heather Anne experience hasn’t changed; same (if not better) great tasting cakes and exceptional customer service.   Cakes are such a personal thing for us, and each cake that leaves our door is special in its own way.

Our web site is one thing that has not kept up with our growth, and is on the list for winter time when we aren’t quite as busy.  In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about what we call our simple buttercream cakes.  I get a lot of calls for people looking for great tasting cakes but who don’t have the budget for one of our custom cakes.  I get that, custom cakes are expensive.

We created our simple buttercream cakes for those looking for a great tasting cake, simply stunning with small personal touches.

Metro Detroit Cakes, Ann Arbor Cakes, rustic buttercream, Sweet Heather Anne, delicious cakes, simple buttercreamThis is our rustic buttercream, the organic and natural feeling of this textured buttercream finish is gorgeous.

Metro Detroit Cakes, Ann Arbor Cakes, delicious cakes, Sweet Heather Anne, vintage buttercream, simple buttercreamThe vintage might be my favorite,  I really love that it has a similar organic feel to the rustic, with a more tailored appearance.

Metro Detroit Cakes, Ann Arbor Cakes, delicious cakes, Sweet Heather Anne, ruffle buttercream, simple buttercreamOur ruffle buttercream is stunningly feminine and perfect for any girly-girl.

Metro Detroit Cakes, Ann Arbor Cakes, delicious cakes, Sweet Heather Anne, classic buttercream cake, simple buttercreamThe classic is just that, classic.  With it smooth buttercream surface and simple piping it is a style that transcends time.

All four styles can be topped with your  choice of a sugar paste flower (peach, yellow, or ivory) or confetti and are available in vanilla, chocolate, vanilla with lemon and raspberry curds, and chocolate praline.  For more information on servings and pricing check out our frequently asked questions or you can always e-mail me at